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Welcome to My World! An Intro to Classic Noire Events....

Well, Hello! My name is Nikki Sloss. I'm the Principle Planner and Owner of Classic Noire Events. This blog post and all following this will be an impromptu laid-back look into the world of wedding planning. You'll laugh, you'll relate to a lot but above all else you learn!

So about me.....

I'm a Charleston Native. I grew up mainly downtown Charleston in what we locals call Romney Street Village. After Hurricane Hugo blew through our fair city my family relocated to the North Area where I attended North Charleston High. From there I went on to Benedict College where I majored in Recreation. (Class of 06...BC! BC! YOU KNOW! YOU KNOW!) My love of events started when my class was tasked with planning and organizing one of Benedict's Spring Events - Tigerfest. I also had this unhealthy obsession with this show called Bridezillas. Do you remember how CRINGEY some of those episodes were?? Sometimes it was like watching a Bridal trainwreck that you just couldn't pull yourself away from!

Fast forward to 2012....I'm six years post undergrad working as an Activity Therapist in a local psych unit when one of my high school friends get engaged. Happy times right? Well in my working in the hospital I decided to become a SC Notary Public. In South Carolina Notary Publics has the power to perform wedding ceremonies. Good thing because my friend and her hubby to be at the time needed someone to marry them.

This was the kindling to my flame.

After also becoming an Ordained Wedding Minister via American Marriage Ministries, I had the honor of performing my friend's ceremony. It was a cute little set up in their living room. I even wore my robe from graduation to make things feel "official". (BTW almost a decade later I'm still marrying people in that SAME robe!)

I later go on to cross paths with a budding wedding planner to form the now defunct Bella Monroe Events. After realizing how much I loved helping couples and seeing the look of joy and surprise on their faces once a space had been transformed specifically for THEM, I was hooked.

Since then, I've married hundreds of couples from all walks of life. (To the left you'll see Marsha and Gerome Rambert....and my ROBE!)

Classic Noire Events??

After parting ways with my former business partner and trying a few things on my own under the Bella Monroe Events name I found that I needed a change. I met another planner while doing a same sex wedding that totally changed the direction of my business. She and I tried the partner thing for a short while as well but found that we did better as two separate entities. She is more of a Southern Belle than I'll ever be. If you remember the 90's TV show A Different World, she is more Whitley Gilbert and I'm more like Jalissa Vinson with a touch of Lena James. Even though we didn't work out as business partners we became the best of friends. When you book with me more than likely she consulted on your florals or if you book with her Ill either be a part of the set-up crew or creating the graphics for your backdrop or floor wrap.

The name Classic Noire Events came from me wanting to make something that was clean sleek and timeless. No matter the season or the type of event you can never go wrong with a little black dress! I wanted my company to reflect those same feelings and values.

In Closing....

Becoming a wedding planner was not something that even crossed my mind when I was researching careers. I never in a million years ever thought that steaming linens on my knees or wrangling wedding party members would be something that would bring me so much joy. To watch something go from concept to idea to fruition sometimes in the span of mere WEEKS is amazing! Watching a couple light up when they walk into their reception area or have their first look is nothing short of magical. It most definitely is the stuff that dreams are made of. I hope that you stick around to experience the magic that we produce at Classic Noire Events!

Want to learn more about the services we offer? Want to book a consultation? Please contact us or send an email at


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